The International Society of Ocular Trauma (ISOT) is a resource for ophthalmologists of all countries who have a special interest in ocular trauma. In addition to a biannual ocular trauma symposium, ISOT sponsors smaller regional meetings on ocular trauma. ISOT is an advocate for terminology standardization, so that physicians can more effectively collaborate internationally (see BETTS).

Coalescence of ocular traumatology as a subspecialty can be accelerated by the online message board and chat feature available to society members on this site. Ocular trauma uniquely needs such a communication resource since it is not a “full time” subspecialty, and interested ophthalmologists are not as easily aware of colleagues as in the traditional subspecialties.

If you are interested in ocular traumatology, we invite your membership. Great opportunity for leadership exists within this developing subspecialty that uniquely unites the work of all other ophthalmic subspecialties, and is of such great importance to the predominantly young eye trauma victims throughout the world.

The United States Eye Injury Registry (USEIR) has accumulated the largest database of eye injuries in the world.  Documentation of serious eye injuries via the World Wide Web has enabled the USEIR and affiliate international registries to coalesce as the World Eye Injury Registry (WEIR) under the auspices of ISOT.

ISOT is a bylaws based society with elected officers and an elected Board of Directors. Its headquarters moved to Birmingham, Alabama USA in July 2000, coincident with the conclusion of the term of office of the founding president,
 Dr. Giora Treister , and the beginning of the term of office of Dr. Robert Morris as the second ISOT president.