Please visit the websites of the two major sponsors of ISOT.

OCULUS Optikgeräte GmbH Wetzlar, Germany Our long-time supporter isthe maker of the one-and-only BIOM as well as a long list of high quality products for ophthalmology, including:

Guangzhou Vesber Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

Vesber has been dedicated to the development, production and sales of innovative ophthalmic products in China since 2007, including Foldable Capsular Vitreous Body (FCVB), Foldable Capsular Buckle(FCB), High Myopic Posterior Scleral Fixation System(HM).

FCVB, the international first eyeball-saving artificial organ can mimic the structure and function of the vitreous body of the human eye to a subtle level and can stay in eyes for a long time. FVCB has been clinically applied in 200+ hospitals successful in the world, saving 2000+ patients with severe ocular trauma and oil-dependent eyes from the pain of of eyeball removal. Obtained 22 patents in China, the United States, Russia, Australia, Japan ect., FCVB has been carried out clinical application successfully in United Kingdom, Netherlands, Poland, Belgium, Greece, Russia, Australia, Turkey, Pakistan with CFDA , CE, TGA ,ISO13485 certificates.

The mission of Vesber is to transform doctors’ wisdom into products, lighting patients’ lives, and establishing a world-class high-end ophthalmology innovative platform.